Sunday, December 18, 2011

8th Day of Christmas: 80% off Purses

Welcome to our 12 Days of Christmas celebration! Yesterday's winner was RaeAnne. Congrats!!

Today we are celebrating our 8th Day of Christmas by offering 80% off a Purse to one lucky winner. Post a comment below to enter the contest. The winner will be announced and contacted tomorrow morning. Good luck!

I stitched the tomato pin cushion applique onto this vintage coin purse for a cute and unique look.
We have a few other designs and styles available in our Etsy shop - check them out!

posted by Christa


  1. Cute!!

    Erin Kindem.

  2. Can I comment for a chance to win? I love the tomato purse... of course I do!

    xo Sarah Bahr

  3. Haha Sarah! Sure, I think it's okay if you enter! Erin won our floral photos so by the end of today, if it's just you two, I'll see what says. But if someone else enters, I am thinking they will be our winner. :)

    xo Christa

  4. I don't need to win again. Sarah can have this win.haha

  5. Well, Erin & Sarah, picked "2". But, Erin, if you're interested in one of the purses, I'm happy to give you the 80% discount!! And Sarah, you'll have to look for something special in your stocking this year. :)