Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Family Portraits: Kleins


We had a wonderful day to shoot the Klein family portraits on my in-law's wooded property. The trees let just the right amount of sunshine through to create a playful sparkle and Sara's bright smile and the happy boys (Andy included!) kept the session going smoothly. For the entire shoot, I used my 28-90mm lens which is always responsive and captures beautiful portraits. 
Here is a peek at some of my favorites. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

MNfashion Week Emerging Designer Showcase

Apparel design by Claire Ward, Jewelry design by Sarah Bahr, Photo by Rhea Pappas 
I had the great pleasure in showing my jewelry designs with MNfashion! I was one of the selected designers for the second annual Emerging Designer Showcase that premiered on Monday September 24th, 2012 during MNfashion Week. Among the twelve designers picked was my partner, talented apparel designer Claire Ward. This was a Spring and Summer show, so Claire and I collaborated in making three brightly colored and very summery looks. I had a lot of fun mixing and matching my candy colored leathers and cotton fabrics with handmade wood frames and gunmetal wire and chains. The overall affect was bold and perfect for a fun day in the sun!

Apparel design by Claire Ward, Jewelry design by Sarah Bahr, Photo by Rhea Pappas 
Apparel design by Claire Ward, Jewelry design by Sarah Bahr, Photo by Rhea Pappas 
Below are some of my favorites from the other emerging designers. Many of them are semi established and sell their work online or in the Metro Area. I've added links to be able to contact them and learn more! Everyone had a distinct design esthetic, the show ranged from breezy beach outfits to structured street wear, all the models looked fantastic.

Apparel by Lindsey DeWitt , Hats by Kelly Schultz Photo by Rhea Pappas
Knit Wear by Mary Pranica, Leather Bags by Stacie YokielPhoto by Rhea Pappas 
Apparel by Nicola Watson, Leather bags by Hannah Bartz, Photo by Rhea Pappas 
Apparel and accessories by Lizzie HillmannPhoto by Rhea Pappas 
Apparel by Jessa Manthe, accessories by Erika O’BrienPhoto by Rhea Pappas 

More photos from the event can be found on Facebook in the MNfashion photo album and on CITYPAGES. I wanted to give a big thanks to Rhea Pappas for awesome photography, Molly Waseka for organizing the event, Heidi Knoke hair stylist, Nicole Patterson makeup artist, the models from Ignite, and all the designers involved.

Emerging Designer Showcase Designers:
Apparel by Claire Ward and accessories by Sarah Bahr
Apparel by Lindsey DeWitt and accessories by Kelly Schultz
Apparel by Nicola Watson and accessories by Hannah Bartz
Apparel by Mary Pranica and accessories by Stacie Yokiel
Apparel and accessories by Lizzie Hillmann
Apparel by Jessa Manthe and accessories by Erika O’Brien

post by Sarah