Saturday, February 25, 2012

Drop Cloth Suit

I had the great pleasure of collaborating with fellow artist and friend Hugh O'Rourke on a super fun project. Hugh is a painter and sculptor here in NYC, you can view more of his work here. We met during my thesis art exhibit at NYU, as he works at the 80WSE gallery where I exhibited my installation.  He knew my passion for sewing clothing and asked me to collaborate with him in making a suit out of his drop cloths from his studio. The idea of the suit came from famous artist Joseph Beuys' own sculpture Felt Suit.

The most challenging and most creative part of making the suit was laying out the pattern pieces. I had to find interesting areas on the drop cloth to create an interesting pattern effect on the suit. I kept Hugh's own work in mind while selecting which paint glob to use for the lapel or where to use the glued on pieces of newspaper.

I liked imagining what pieces of Hugh's art made the drops, splatters, and smears of paint, glue, and mixed media on the drop cloths.

Spaces Between Studio Show courtesy of Hugh O'Rourke
In the end I think the suit turned out really great! I made the suit to Hugh's measurements but the piece is meant to be hung on the wall as pictured below. Hugh was very excited when I brought the finished suit to him, I cannot wait to see it in one of his gallery shows, or maybe a fun photo shot of him wearing it! This project helped remind me of my interest in the meaning of clothing and the emotional response humans can have to sentimental clothing. This suit is a portrait of a painter, a garment made of the leftovers in the art making process. Anyone need a garment made for them from their own scraps?

posted by Sarah

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sweet handmade gifts for your sweetheart: Sneak Peek!

We are making fun new Valentine-inspired gifts for our Etsy shop and are excited to share a sneak peek with you!  Maybe you'll find something perfect for your sweetie (or yourself!).

Sarah made the perfect BFF gift. Two pairs of pink & purple heart earrings, one for you to keep and one to give to your BFF! They are super cute and now available on Etsy!
BFF Earrings on Etsy
Sarah also made a pair of heart and chain earrings perfect for your rockstar darling. Sweet -- and edgy!

Sweetheart Pink Heart and Chain Earrings - coming soon on Etsy
Christa has been busy creating new items from materials she has been collecting. Her current project is sweet little magnets made from bottlecaps and greeting cards.

Upcycled Bottlecap Magnets -- in our Etsy shop now!
Check them out, and watch for new designs coming soon.

posted by Christa & Sarah xo!