Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Spirit!!!

I am sure everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit now that we have a little snow on the ground in Minnesota and we've eaten all the pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving. To help you get into the spirit I have two fantastic Christmas plays you should definitely check out.

'Miracle on Christmas Lake II' is a hilarious Minnesota comedy about a theatre that may have to close it's doors unless they can pull off a Christmas pageant to save the theatre and town. You'll have to go see how the story ends at Yellow Tree Theatre in Osseo, MN. Jason Peterson directed, Jessica Lind wrote it, and I designed the costumes! The cast and crew are a hard working creative bunch and I had so much fun collaborating with. You can find more info and buy tickets on their website or on Facebook, and  you can view a little preview video here.

photo courtesy of Yellow Tree Theatre

'A Christmas Carol' is an annual classic at the Guthrie Theatre. I've had the pleasure of working with the costume shop assisting the Assistant Costume Designer. It is a large show filled with jolly carolers, magical spirits, and an adorable Tiny Tim. You can find more info  and buy tickets on their website or on Facebook. The Guthrie has also created a fantastic program called '30 Below' where if you are under the age of 30 you can call day of show and reserve up to 4 tickets for only $15 each!
photo courtesy of Guthrie Theatre

Happy Holidays!


Monday, November 12, 2012

New Family Portraits: Gregorich & Haeg

We had a wonderful day to capture the Gregorich and Haeg family portraits and celebrate Hannah! The fall weather was amazing. By the end of the session, it was just starting to get too warm for the long sleeves we all had on. Amanda, the new Momma, was gorgeous, Pat & Rosie were stunning as grandparents, and Jeremy was a very handsome new Daddy. And Hannah was just perfect! Here are a few of my favorites - they speak for themselves!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Family Portraits: Kleins


We had a wonderful day to shoot the Klein family portraits on my in-law's wooded property. The trees let just the right amount of sunshine through to create a playful sparkle and Sara's bright smile and the happy boys (Andy included!) kept the session going smoothly. For the entire shoot, I used my 28-90mm lens which is always responsive and captures beautiful portraits. 
Here is a peek at some of my favorites. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

MNfashion Week Emerging Designer Showcase

Apparel design by Claire Ward, Jewelry design by Sarah Bahr, Photo by Rhea Pappas 
I had the great pleasure in showing my jewelry designs with MNfashion! I was one of the selected designers for the second annual Emerging Designer Showcase that premiered on Monday September 24th, 2012 during MNfashion Week. Among the twelve designers picked was my partner, talented apparel designer Claire Ward. This was a Spring and Summer show, so Claire and I collaborated in making three brightly colored and very summery looks. I had a lot of fun mixing and matching my candy colored leathers and cotton fabrics with handmade wood frames and gunmetal wire and chains. The overall affect was bold and perfect for a fun day in the sun!

Apparel design by Claire Ward, Jewelry design by Sarah Bahr, Photo by Rhea Pappas 
Apparel design by Claire Ward, Jewelry design by Sarah Bahr, Photo by Rhea Pappas 
Below are some of my favorites from the other emerging designers. Many of them are semi established and sell their work online or in the Metro Area. I've added links to be able to contact them and learn more! Everyone had a distinct design esthetic, the show ranged from breezy beach outfits to structured street wear, all the models looked fantastic.

Apparel by Lindsey DeWitt , Hats by Kelly Schultz Photo by Rhea Pappas
Knit Wear by Mary Pranica, Leather Bags by Stacie YokielPhoto by Rhea Pappas 
Apparel by Nicola Watson, Leather bags by Hannah Bartz, Photo by Rhea Pappas 
Apparel and accessories by Lizzie HillmannPhoto by Rhea Pappas 
Apparel by Jessa Manthe, accessories by Erika O’BrienPhoto by Rhea Pappas 

More photos from the event can be found on Facebook in the MNfashion photo album and on CITYPAGES. I wanted to give a big thanks to Rhea Pappas for awesome photography, Molly Waseka for organizing the event, Heidi Knoke hair stylist, Nicole Patterson makeup artist, the models from Ignite, and all the designers involved.

Emerging Designer Showcase Designers:
Apparel by Claire Ward and accessories by Sarah Bahr
Apparel by Lindsey DeWitt and accessories by Kelly Schultz
Apparel by Nicola Watson and accessories by Hannah Bartz
Apparel by Mary Pranica and accessories by Stacie Yokiel
Apparel and accessories by Lizzie Hillmann
Apparel by Jessa Manthe and accessories by Erika O’Brien

post by Sarah

Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Family Portraits: Jeff, Angie, & kiddos

Jeff and Angie's kids showed their spunk during our recent photo session at Millennium Park in Plymouth. We had a beautiful, overcast day and my favorite lens was my 28-90mm. It’s easy and lovely. I also used my wide angle 10-24mm for the close-ups of the kids lying in the grass.

Jeff said that after the session, the kids said it was fun and that we should do it again. I couldn’t have received a better compliment! Apparently they also wished I had brought my girls so we could all go to the library afterwards

Here is a glimpse of some of my favorites. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sarah Bahr's Amazing Guacamole!!!

The lack of blog posts this summer is due to Christa having now two adorable babies to love and care for along with me being in beautiful Aspen for the summer working for the Aspen Opera.
I met a lot of fantastic people in Aspen and always made my guacamole for pot luck get-togethers, hence this blog post. You asked and I am spilling the beans on my tasty recipe.

Ingredients (feeds a group of 12)
5 soft dark green avocados
2-3 limes
2 roma tomatoes
1/4 medium white onion
3 medium cloves of garlic
1/2 jalapeño

Start off my chopping up the onion, tomatoes, and garlic into small chunks and add to a medium sized bowl. I like my garlic minced and onion and tomato about 1/4" chunks.

Then cut all the avocados in half and carefully remove the pit. I like to hold the avocado firmly in my hand and hit the pit with a sharp knife blade to lodge the knife in the pit. Then gently swivel the knife back and forth till the pit loosens and you can just hit the knife against the edge of your garbage to drop the pit in. The pit  can be removed with a spoon too, but careful the avocado and pit are slippery so it may go flying across the room!

Now it is time to scoop out the avocado with a large spoon and mix in with the onion, tomato, and garlic, if they are soft enough this is very easy. If they are too hard you may need mash them up with a fork. I like a chunky guac so I don't stir the heck out of my mixture, allow the avocado to be lumpy.

This is my favorite part, the limes! I usually squeeze the juice of two whole limes if I'm using 5 avocados, but if you are letting it sit in your refrigerator for more than 2 hours before eating add the third lime, this helps it from going brown. If your avocados are a bit hard lime juice helps with mashing them up. I think lime is my secret ingredient, I like a lot of lime flavor and it helps it stay preserved. Yum!

Now salt and paper to taste! You can add more or less of any of the ingredients to make your own version.

In my version I like to add 1/2 a jalapeño minced and a big handful of chopped up cilantro. These give it even more flavor, but not everyone likes these added ingredients. I add them at the end so the cilantro doesn't get too mashed up, and I can add the jalapeño to taste.
If you want to make a smaller version I usually use this ratio: 1/2 lime to every 1 avocado.
Eat immediately or let chill in the fridge.  Enjoy!!!

post written by Sarah

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hand Painted Stars and Stripes Pants DIY

Customize your own rock n' roll inspired jeans with easy stars and stripes! I created this project while I was designing costumes for my new favorite Minnesota band 'Glitter Gun'.  Band leader Kaity Heart approached me with some great ideas for their band costumes and I decided to make hand painted stripe pants for lead guitarist Dan Star. They turned out so great we decided to do a second pair with stars!

-fabric paint- I like Jaquard brand textile paints
-flat paint brush
-star stencil or plastic star template
-masking tape

I mixed black paint with a metallic silver to create a gun metal color which will look great under the stage lights and goes well with the whole theme of glitter for their costumes. For the star shapes I used plastic glow in the dark stars. I traced around them with a pencil and used a small flat paint brush to get a really nice clean lines.

 For the stripe pants I used a regular width masking tape to ensure nice clean even stripes. I started taping at the side seam and used a ruler to space out the next stripes working towards the center of the pants. It gets a little tricky when you get to the pockets, fly, and center back. Just remember to keep the spacing even and the stripes will most likely line up in a chevron in the center back seam.

Use a wide flat paint brush to paint on a thin coat of paint. You don't want to get your paint to thick as it might leak under the tape and you will lose your nice clean line. As you work across your pant legs let the paint dry completely before you turn your pants over to do the backside. When the paint is completely dry you can pull off the tape and reveal your perfect stripes.

Now that you've painted your custom rock n' roll jeans you have to heat set the paint so it doesn't wash out. All you have to do is throw the jeans in a really hot dryer, preferably an industrial one at a laundry mat, for 30 minuets. Now you are ready to boogie in style!

posted by Sarah

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hand Painting Fabric Using a Stencil DIY

I wanted to share with all of you a great technique for printing a graphic on an existing garment using a stencil. This project is a nightgown I printed a light blue flock of birds on in a diagonal to create the look of an already printed fabric. To have a more organic look you can print your image as randomly as you want. 

graphic image
medium weight plastic or velum to make the stencil
exacto knife
fabric paint
sponge or paint brush

Step by step:
1. First, create a graphic that does not have too much fine detail. I chose a graphic representation of a bird in flight. I drew it on a piece of paper and cut it out to make sure the scale was correct. You can also use a pre-made stencil which you can buy at most craft stores.
2. Then I traced my paper image onto a medium weight plastic sheeting and cut it out using an exact knife. You can get plastic at most arts or crafts stores, velum can also work. You want the material to withstand multiple paint applications so avoid using paper or cardboard which will absorb the paint and may distort your image.
3. I then marked on my garment where I wanted to print each bird. I marked the fabric with a straight pin where the center of the stencil will be. You don't have to mark your layout if you want to be spontaneous and make the pattern random. 
4. Now it is time to start printing! Lay out your garment with a piece of paper inside so the paint doesn't' leak through and get on the wrong side of your garment. Lay your stencil where you want your image and hold it flat to the garment and start painting using a sponge or paint brush depending on your preference. The sponge will give a nice 'distressed' look while a paint brush will make a very solid image. I like to use Jaquard fabric paints which are a nice thickness for stenciling. You can also use acrylic paint and add some fabric painting medium so it won't wash out of your fabric. You don't want your paint too watery as it will leak under the stencil and distort your image. Always do a test pint on a scrap piece of fabric before you start printing on your real garment.

5. After you are finished painting one side of the garment let paint dry completely. Flip the garment to the other side keeping the piece of paper inside the garment. Print the other side and let the whole garment dry for 24 hours.
6. Now it is time to heat set the paint so it doesn't wash out. You can either heat set using a hot iron or throwing the garment in a hot dryer for 30 minuets, home dryers are not hot enough so go to a laundry mat. When ironing use a press cloth between the garment and the iron and move iron in small circular movements over each printed image for 10 seconds each. Now you have a custom made hand printed garment! So cute and easy!

I have more fun fabric painting techniques I will post in the next coming weeks so check back for more DIY tutorials!

posted by Sarah