Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3rd Day of Christmas: 30% off Mobile Earrings

Welcome to our 12 Days of Christmas celebration! Yesterday's lucky winner was Anita Smithson. Congrats Anita!!

Today we are celebrating our 3rd Day of Christmas by offering 30% off Mobile Earrings to one lucky winner. Sarah created these earrings after seeing Alexander Calder's work in Venice. They are made of hand wrapped wire and hand cut vinyl. They are so much fun to wear, perfect for someone who likes to make a fashion and art statement. Post a comment below to enter the contest. The winner will be announced and contacted tomorrow morning. Good luck!

Sarah's Mobile Earrings. There are lots of colors available! Check them out in our Etsy shop.
posted by Christa


  1. AHhh!! I love these! Totally posting to my FB wall. :) Nice work Sarah spelled with an h.

  2. Thanks for posting Katya and Erin! Ramdon.org picked "1". Congrats Katya!! I'll email you with details.

    Erin - thank you so much for posting to FB and helping promote our fun shop and 12 Days of Christmas! :) :)