Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Check out the High Line in Chelsea NYC

photo courtesy of inhabitat website

I recently re-visited the High Line in Chelsea and was surprised to see the immense progress made on the project. The High Line once was a elevated train track that ran along the Hudson River, now it is a renovated walking path and park filled with beautiful plants, innovative architecture, and gorgeous views of the city. The architects and landscapers involved incorporated the original rails into the design and only planted vegetation that would naturally grow there. The first portion, which runs along 10th Avenue between 14th Street and 20th Street, was opened to the public a couple years ago, now it goes until 26th Street! 

photo courtesy of the High Line website

It is such a unique place in the city, fairly quiet and quite serene with many benches to sit and ponder. It is quite a gem in a city full of things to see!
photo courtesy of the High Line website
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