Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Senior Photos: Ross!

Ross and I had a great photo session today! I used my Canon EOS digital rebel and both my wide angle 10-24mm lens and standard 28-90mm lens. The weather was perfect (overcast and cool-ish) and we both had great ideas for locations and poses.

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Ross, like most high school seniors, is proud of his ride, so we took it to a local parking ramp to get a few cool pictures.

Then we stopped at the railroad tracks nearby and got some awesome shots.

Ross spotted the perfect old warehouse with a loading dock where we got a few unique photos.

The loading dock offered a really cool setting - you can't even tell how filthy it is!

 Then we headed back to Ross's house and got some great images with the trees, landscaping, and pond as the backdrop.

I posted a few of my favorites in this post - I'd love to hear what you think! Ross and I talked about the pros and cons of guys smiling in photos. What do you think? Did we capture the essence of Ross without making him look too giddy about graduating?

I also have to mention that we got a few great shots with Ross's sister Melanie. I had the privilege of photographing Melanie's senior portraits a few years ago - and we got a few great brother-sister shots today too! Looks like a great holiday card!

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