Saturday, August 20, 2011

DIY Craft Ideas: stroller fun and a great hair piece display

I am excited to share a couple of today's projects with you (there is one more in progress - details coming soon!). They were so fun, fast, and easy, I made this a DIY post so you can make them too!

First up is my stroller project. We got a second-hand stroller that needed a new belt clasp and a few minor fabric repairs. Sarah installed a new (red!) strap with new clasps earlier this summer. We used the stroller all the time after she put in the new strap, but it really needed a water bottle holder and we also got the perfect thing to bring more red into the color scheme: red ball fringe to trim the canopy!

The canopy is removable so I took it off (and replaced the elastic that holds it in place - it was shot!). I pinned the ball fringe around the full perimeter (on the inside so the sea green trim still shows) and machine sewed it. And that was it!

To make the water bottle holder, I searched through my fabric stash for the perfect fabric and found a beautiful green table napkin. I trimmed off the fringe and ironed a 1/4" seam allowance on each of the short edges. I then pinned the short edges together and sewed two lines for extra strength along the short edges and across the bottom. I then pinned the napkin fabric to the side of the stroller fabric, right where I wanted the water bottle to hang. I disassembled that side of the stroller and machine sewed the napkin fabric to the stroller fabric. To help the opening of the water bottle holder keep a circular shape, I inserted a thin wire (used for jewelry making). I can't wait to try it out tomorrow! Has this inspired you to decorate or make something more functional? I'd love to hear!

My second project is for an upcoming art fair. I have been making these wonderful colorful floral hair pieces and need a fun, easy way to display them. My amazing Mom had a great suggestion and I tried it out today! I took a picture frame (no glass, mat, or backing) and tied 3 ribbons, equally spaced, around it. Then I clipped the hair pieces onto the ribbon - easy as that! I will get enough of the same ribbon to use in 3 different frames. I can't believe how easy this was and I think it could be a great way to display hair pieces at home (or lots of other things like photos, holiday cards, brooches, etc)! What do you think? Great? Too simple?


  1. Love the red accents on the stroller. The red ball fringe makes the stroller look like it is ready for a neighborhood parade!

    The flower hair piece display really catches your eye. Good luck at Nickel Dickel Day.

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