Sunday, September 11, 2011

NYC Fashion Week 2011

Even though I love clothes and live in NYC I have never been to a fashion week event. This week I changed that and went to the Textile Arts Center's Manhattan space for a (Sustainable) Fashion Nights Out  event. It was less flashy than most of the fashion events in NYC, but thats why I liked it so much, also they are promoting sustainable fashion trends which supports people making changes in there everyday life to help keep the earth cleaner and happier. There were multiple eco-friendly designers selling their wares made from recycled and earth friendly materials. Beautiful clothes, but of course way out of my budget. One eco-friendly designer I am obsessed with right now is Erin Considine who makes lovely fiber and metal jewelry using sustainable and organic materials.
Erin Considine's bracelets, you can buy selected designs here

I like to stay up to date on the latest emerging designers and sustainable fashion through  my favorite blogs:

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