Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book review: Start Something That Matters, by Blake Mycoskie, Chief Shoe Giver at TOMS

As an official participant in TOMS' "Books for Bloggers Program", I read Start Something That Matters, am telling you what I learned, and am giving a second book away (along with a handmade item from my Etsy shop), FREE! Find out how to win the free book below.

I am impressed with Blake's background (he has been described as a serial entrepreneur - how cool!) and his tenacity (figuring out how to make shoes in another country and then ship them to the US to market them, with no background in manufacturing, fashion, or anything else related to his mission at TOMS - that takes drive!). It just goes to show that if you have an idea and are willing to find the right people and ask them to help you, you can make any dream come true. At first, Blake just wanted to help kids, but this became so big that it's now his full time gig!

More than once I was brought to tears (read the story about Pam on page 49, and the section on Trust). Blake's parents obviously taught him to think with his heart AND his head, and to be guided by his soul. As a new parent, that's something I hope to teach my kids. The stories about his family also helped me remember how dear my family and friends are, and that they are truly my greatest treasures.

I've been inspired to take action! My sister and I have a small business where we re-purpose materials into something new and usable. We want to do more, so this holiday we are donating $1 for every purchase to Make a Wish Foundation. We hope to make a small difference now, and make this idea grow.

Want to read the book and be inspired?? Enter to win a FREE book, & a FREE SophiaFredricka item!!

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  1. I think the garden spiders are awesome!! Maybe create more garden creatures - lady bug, butterfly, or dragon fly!

  2. Love the shop! I think vintage button art would be cool.

  3. Thank you for stopping by! Today (Wednesday, November 30th) is the last day for the contest. I look forward to reviewing and determining the winner! Thank you Pam and Angela for your great suggestions!!

  4. I would love to see some recycled photo frames, or inspirational quotes made into wall art. I love old wood, with paint falling off and the varnish on top. Am I too specific or what? :-)
    Erin Joseph

  5. I would love to see more fabric goods - crocheted or knit 'circles' to wear as big scarves, felted flower broches, fingerless gloves, or even fabric wall art that I could mat and frame! For little girls, I saw a cute skirt in a high-end baby shop in Edina - it was crafted from strips of thrift store sweaters! They were very circular shaped, with sweater waistband fashioned into a stretchy waist, perfect for a growing toddler or school-aged girl.

  6. These are such great suggestions! Sarah and I are so lucky to have such creative friends. :) The contest is open for less than 12 more hours!

  7. hey I really enjoy the fabric jewlary. I wonder if you could embodrie trees or flowers on to fabric and then turn that into jewlary? also I don't see any buttons? any reason?,,, or is that a sugestion.
    ALso how about cool aprons mabye with a leather plastic pocket on the side to hold your string spoon? (to crazy? or genius?)