Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Photography: Dan & Casey's Wedding

I had the amazing privilege of capturing the special moments of Dan and Casey's intimate sailboat ceremony on camera. I used a Canon Digital Rebel EOS XTi and a Canon S90.  We were lucky enough to dodge the rain during our time on the boat and overcast skies are perfect for photos! The champagne and the love warmed us up, which was good because the air was a bit chilly. That evening, we had a delicious dinner at Fitger's Brewhouse. Two days later, Dan and Casey celebrated with hundreds of friends and family at Dan's parents' house, which is perfect for an event like this! Check out all the photos in the Flickr set I created. I'm really pleased with how amazing the images are and I just love unique weddings. If you are married, what is your wedding story? If you are not married, what is your dream wedding location? I'd love to hear the beautiful and amazing stories you each have!

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Dan & Casey on the front of the boat - right after saying "I do!".

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  1. Dan & Casey's Wedding looks astonishing. The background is awesome. We can’t afford such an expensive wedding ceremony so we are just having a thought to get married at the local event space Atlanta and would like to handle all the arrangements, décor etc on our own. If you have inspirations for a DIY ceremony, please let me know.